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(Updated regularly. i.e. Whenever I can be bothered.)

Anime videos released in the UK - There are quite a few to choose from now.
UK anime release dates - All highly tentative, of course...
Reviews - A bit of a work in progress here.
Anime favourites page - Some of my favourites.
Anime on TV - What you can see for free. (-ish.)


(Not usually updated, except to fix glitches.)

A crash course in anime and manga - Haven't a clue? Start here.
A guide to importing anime - How to broaden your anime horizons.
UK manga guide - Largely of historical siginficance as few UK editions are still being released.
The state of anime in the UK - 25/5/2001

The token fan site

(Updated once in a blue moon.)

Dominion Tank Police HQ

Links to some other sites

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