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Welcome to the new ZX81 home page. It's been a while in preparation, since I've got a million and one other things to do, but nonetheless here it is. This page has been designed for use with Netscape and Lynx. Your mileage may vary with other browsers.

 There's links to my new ZX81 FAQ, the ZX81 charts plus voting template, and links to download the Emulators and some software for them from various places around the world. Please have a browse around, and tell me if there's anything you think that's missing.

Thanks also to John Elliot, for a program that in theory (I can't get it to work) can read ZX81 tapes, using a Spectrum emulator such as Z80. A new improved version of this has just been added to the page, so give it a try. Please send feedback if you have any success.

 More thanks to Peter Liebert-Adelt who sent me a copy of his International ZX81 Magazine. Apologies about some of the wonky scans, as I had to do it in a bit of a hurry. Still, there's plenty of good humour in it, even if attempting the hardware project would be a bit dicey.

 Finally, for the moment, I've been sent a couple of games by Steven McDonald. Give them a look, as they're quite a programming achievement, although they're not really at their best running on an emulator. Have a look at his home page below for some more details and possible updates.


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